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Visiting today is D.B. Moon the fabulous author of "Summerland" published by Noble Romance Publishing and the soon to be released "My Humiliating Valentine" to be published by Rebel Ink Press in their Love Bites Valentine Day Anthology.

Who is D.B. Moon?
My name is Desi Moon. I have been a freelance content writer for four years, but a fiction writer since I could hold a pencil. My first story written at the age of seven was a historical piece ala Little House on the Prairie. My parents deemed it morbid, which set a precedent for pushing the envelope.

I reside in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my writer/game designer husband, two incredibly energetic children who keep me on my toes, three very entitled cats and one hopelessly neurotic, but none the less lovable Beagler.

Humorous romantic comedy that skirts the cliff of sexual expression, but never takes the plunge, a bit of sweet, a touch of steam and a lot of laughter pretty much sums up my writing “style”. My contemporary romances are not “sweet” but they aren’t “dirty” either.

When not cajoling or arguing with the voices in my head (ie. my characters) I work as a dog trainer, am a vet tech student, am an all around coffee snob and Project Runway junkie. I also love to bake decadent desserts and have recently developed a strong infatuation with kickboxing.

Did you always want to write books?
I have always been a story teller, no one ever told me I could choose it as a career, so while I was in school I was prepping to be a veterinarian.
What was your favorite fantasy/dream when you were a teenager and what is your favorite fantasy/dream now?
As a teenager I was swept up by fate and destiny and unusual circumstances of my beloved soul mate crossing paths with me while I was backpacking through Europe. We would unroll our sleeping bags in a field and sleep under the stars.

As an adult I had been swept away by my “soul mate”; it didn’t last long. I still have yet to make it to Europe, but I no longer feel the urge to haul all my earthly belongings in a backpack. Car or train would be fine, and hotels, hotels are a must!

How would you describe your dream man?
I have always joked that my “Dream man” would have matching
luggage to my emotional baggage. But really my ideal mate makes
me laugh, makes me think, lets me be myself with no judgment,
supports me no matter what, watches cartoons in bed with me,
keeps my feet warm in winter, and always ALWAYS has a hug for
me when I need one. I could go on, but I do believe I am making
him blush-he is so cute when he blushes.
Who is your greatest inspiration?
My kids, I try to see everything through their eyes to gain a new
and fresh perspective. They remind me to slow down and enjoy
the little things in life and show me that childlike wonder is still
obtainable at any age.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My husband, hands down. He is my loudest cheerleader and my
biggest defender. He is big about celebrating everything and
making sure he can do everything in his power to help me be a

How do you write (on schedule, to music, etc..)?
I try to keep a schedule, I blog, and do my promos in the morning
and write/edit in the afternoon. Music helps me set the pace and
keep the mood, but sometimes I find myself writing to Disney
movies in the background. If Phineas and Ferb are on, all bets are
off. There will be no writing while P & F are plotting.

What do you like the least about being a published writer?
Marketing. LoL It is getting easier, but when I first started I was so
incredibly overwhelmed with so many options, I didn’t know
where to turn.
What do you like the most about being a published writer?
I think the highlight (so far) was seeing SUMMERLAND available at
Amazon- LoL- it’s the little things I tell ya!
What do you have planned for your writing in the future?
Well, “My Humiliating Valentine” will be included in the Love
Bites V-Day Anthology to be put out by Rebel Press in February
2012. It is a funny short about a blind date that surpassed hell and
went straight to- well- whatever is beyond hell.
I am finishing the edits for my first romantic murder mystery Accidental Intent

And have blown the dust off a story written back in 2001, A romantic comedy tentatively titled Community of Errors.

Set against the backdrop of glittering Hollywood, the story of SUMMERLAND takes a look behind the tabloid headlines, to show celebrities are just like the rest of us– Well, sort of.

After two years of mourning, Rhiann Taylor, a former paparazzi magnet, has found an appreciation for anonymity during her self-imposed exile. However, she finds it difficult to stay under the radar when launching a high profile, fashion design business. Especially when you add a smitten rock star, a self absorbed international playboy, an assistant who reads minds better than a psychic and a dead boyfriend who won’t leave her alone.

When the tabloid frenzy comes to a fevered pitch, family secrets come out of the closet and friendships are tested beyond everyone’s comfort zone. Rhiann will need to find the brazenness she once possessed, embrace the anger she has suppressed, and meet a vulnerability she has never known, to face the scariest prospect of all, falling in love again.

The rhythmic whirring of the sewing machine soothed Rhiann's frazzled mind. When the last stitch was done, she draped the garment back onto the dress form for final inspection. Her critical look cast about the sparsely furnished room, closely examining the work that had consumed her for the better part of a year. Eight vintage, romantic dresses with subtle modern flairs, two elegant, floor-length gowns, and six chic sports ensembles gave her a reason to get out of bed every morning. Rhiann surprised herself and developed a few pieces for men, as well. Her fingers fiddled with the soft fabric while her stomach protested with hunger. She frowned, trying to remember when she had eaten last, or what she had eaten. Pressing the intercom button, she said, "Keeley? I am starving! What do you want for dinner?"
"Hang on, I am on my way."
She pressed another button. "Ziggy? I'm ordering out, what do you guys want?"
She listened to the two bodyguards' muffled conversation, then Ziggy responded by reading off half a Thai food menu.
"Is that all?" She tried to check her sarcasm.
After another moment of mumbled conversation, Tank added dessert to the order.
"Okay." She laughed. "Think I got it all."
"We'll keep an eye on the front gate, Rhiann."
"Thanks, Ziggy." Rhiann silenced the intercom as Keeley St. James entered the room. Rhiann had seen it time after time. Heads turned whenever Keeley entered a room. Women watched to gauge what she was wearing, and, within days, Keeley's designer ensemble du jour would see a spike in orders. Men watched her glide across the floor. From the cascade of her blonde hair to the delicate sway of her hips, she brought a whirlwind of intensity to any situation.
"So, how goes the war?" She inspected the newest creation. "I think I may need this." She fiddled with the hem. "Tyra has a movie premiere next month. Not only would this look fabulous on her, but it would get you some great exposure."
"Do you really think these are good enough to launch my own line?" Rhiann felt a familiar knot of anguish whenever she stepped out of her comfort zone. "Can't I keep selling to the boutique anonymously?"
"Nope, it is time to let the chicken fly the coop and show people you are more than just some actress."
Rhiann chewed on her bottom lip. "I suppose." Her gaze, ever critical, examined the garments hanging from the makeshift clothes rack. "Although, I am not just some actress."
"Oh, right, the two-time Academy Award-winning actress, blah, blah, blah." Keeley hugged Rhiann. "You know what I mean!"
Rhiann's stomach growled loudly. "Food, I need food! I don't know when I ate last."
"When is Genie coming back? She would make sure you didn't skip meals."
"I'm not sure, in a couple of weeks, maybe?" Rhiann held up the takeout menus. "The boys want Thai. I'm thinking Juno's. What do you want?"
"Juno's, please. An Apollo salad sounds really good."
Rhiann danced her fingers across the phone's keypad. "What kind of dressing?"
"House is fine." Keeley held up a dress in front of the mirror. "I love this one."
"Delivery, please," Rhiann said into the phone as she fondly watched her best friend. "I made it for you."
"Really?" Keeley quickly shed her silk pajamas and slid into the soft chenille. "It is absolutely beautiful."
"Uh huh, with the house dressing, yeah, I'll hold." Rhiann sighed and turned back to Keeley. "The soft green works well with your complexion."
Keeley spun in front of the mirror. "It is so flowy." The skirt flared up and out. "Woo, feel that draft." She giggled.
"Wear underwear with it, please!" Rhiann suddenly remembered the woman on the other end of the line. "Sorry, didn't realize, um, yes, then I want a number one—make it two orders."
"That is a lot of food, Rhi!"
Rhiann covered the mouthpiece "I'm hungry, and I can have the second for breakfast."
She dialed the Thai restaurant next. When she finished ordering, Rhiann handed Keeley a box of CDs. "Would you help me weed out bands for the runway show?"
Rhiann giggled at the steady clack, clack of CD cases hitting the tile floor. "Is there a method to your madness?"
Without looking up, Keeley continued tossing the music over her shoulder. "Cover art. If the cover art sucks, then so does the music."
"Okay! Good to know." Rhiann began to throw discs over her shoulder as well.

From Desi to Readers:  
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