For those that don't know we recently moved to Muskogee, OK and have acquired an old fixer upper house built in 1910.  It's a complete mess at the moment, but one with tons of potential if restored properly.  It needs everything from new wiring to cosmetic repairs done.  The person before us spent more time and effort hiding damage than it would have taken to repair properly.  We have hardwood floors hidden with particle board (they tried using it to level the floors instead of leveling the house), plaster walls covered by drywall that was nailed in causing plaster to crack, vinyl siding covering brick and old wood siding instead of removing or repairing, and the list goes on and on.  But for all the work it's going to need it has the potential to be gorgeous.  Our plans are to recover and restore as much as possible and to replace with similar materials what we can't recover.  The main project will be leveling the house which means updates to this page may be slow coming since that is a major job, but one that has to be done before most of the others.  I do plan on doing some small uncovering projects before the floor is done, but most others will have to wait or we'll be doing them twice, once before and then again when all the measurements change.  As I undertake a project I will be posting pics of before and after and the hows and whys of the project.  For now here is a pic of the house itself as seen from outside.  Wish us luck and if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on tools or how-to that would make some of the remodeling jobs work better please leave a comment.

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