Friday, June 6, 2014

JD Nelson Spotlight & Multi-Prize Giveaway

JD Nelson a self proclaimed procrastinator that thinks coffee pretty much fixes everything, lives in California with her amazing husband and three cats that think they are dogs.  A multi-published author with Chaste Moon Publishing doesn't write like a procrastinator.  Her work includes the "Night Aberrations Series", "Wicked Ways Series", and two upcoming stand alone novels to be released this year.  She also has a young adult novel in the works under the pen name Adeline Wright.

 "Wolves Will Be Wolves" The second book in the Wicked Ways Series is scheduled to release this month.
Intended for adult readers 18+
                                        Oswin Morris ruined my life.  He really did.
I know most people would be happy to be mated to a sexy, drool worthy male like him, but not me. Maybe, it's because he left me high and dry three years ago on my deathbed, or maybe, it's because he refuses to annul our wedding, so I can marry my maker.  Who can tell anymore? All I know is that it's time for this Nymph to get her life back, and if I have to huff and puff to blow the Alpha Wolf's house down to get it, I will. No More Mrs. Nice Mate.

"A Night Of Wickedness" Book One of the Wicked Way Series is available at  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Intended for adult readers 18 +

Obsidian Raines is everything I hate in a new neighbor.  He's smart, sexy, and a wealthy vampire.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  He sounds hot, right?  Well, he is hot, but that's not the point.  If you were a nymph you would understand.  Life for us is no picnic.  Most of us end up stalkers, sex addicts, and prostitutes.  I am no exception to this rule, which is why I was sent to the middle of nowhere Alabama to be alone.  How was I supposed to know that he would destroy all of my therapist's progress with the first word that came out of his brooding, sarcastic mouth?  Between Obsidian and my new friendship with Alpha werewolf, Oswin Morris, I'm pretty sure that my "punishment" will turn out to be a catastrophe only a nymph could be capable of.

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