Saturday, June 7, 2014

M. A. Comley Spotlight & Multi-Prize Giveaway

Mel Comley is a British author who moved to France in 2002 and turned her writing hobby into a career.  Now a multi-published author represented by a top New York agent, she has been named a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author.  An Amazon Top 20 Best selling Author, an iBooks top 5 Best Selling Author and #2 Best Selling author on Barnes & Noble.  Her work includes three thriller/mystery series, The Justice Series, Hero Series & Intentions Series, Two light romance Novellas "A Time to Heal" & "A Time To Change (based on a true story)", Temptation series consisting of romance novellas and various other short stories & novellas.
Book 2 in the Hero Series "End Result" was just recently released and is only .99 cents on Amazon right now.

Before DI Hero Nelson has the chance to get used to his new role as a father to brand-new twins, a murder investigation steals his attention. When a second victim is discovered on his patch, Hero has his eye on a single perpetrator for both murders - but the suspect has a solid alibi for both crimes.

Hero continues his investigation until he obtains a surprising end result.

Mel Comley has kindly donated both a print & ebook copy of Book 1 in the Hero Series "Torn Apart" for the blog reopen giveaway.

Everyone understands about the no-go districts--areas of the city so overrun with gang violence even the police stay away. In this book, the first in a new series, DI Hero Nelson sets out to combat the issue.

When Saskia Hartley and her nine-year-old son are run down outside a restaurant, DI Nelson knows it is no ordinary hit-and-run incident. He's looking at a homicide case... and the evidence points to the brutal Krull Gang. When two prostitutes are murdered, but little interest is given to the women on the Krull's payroll, Nelson connects the dots.  DI Nelson has to decide whether he's dealing with a turf war or something far more sinister.

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