Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Play?

The DailyBzz Campaign for BzzAgents today is a game called Bananagrams which I would really like the chance for our family to try and review since board games and card games are enjoyed pretty much daily in our household.  Having this campaign come up brought back a lot of memories and has me thinking about all the differences there are between activities available for families now compared to what was available when I was growing up.

When I was growing up in our household board games and card games were how we spent the most time together.  We would gather around the kitchen table or the coffee table in the living room and  play which ever game had been chosen for that night.  If we went to other family members homes or had visitors over, out came the games.  Even after video games started becoming popular and we had Atari and Nintendo consoles in the house we still turned to the board games or cards when a group of us got together.

Now with children of my own I find that we do the same.  We have numerous video game systems which we all play individually and together and multiple computers but every night when we sit down for dinner out comes a game or the deck of cards.  Both of my children are teens now so sitting and playing games gives us a chance to spend time with them and hear how their days have gone.  While playing the games there are none of the teenage attitudes involved or the teenage wanting to go do, we just get a chance to enjoy each other and have a good time at something we all love.  When my children have company over they might hit the video games and computer for a short time and then they are digging through the game closet and pulling something out.  They will gather around the games with their friends, grab snacks and spend hours having a good time together.

So even with all the different forms of electronic entertainment available today when it comes time to do something together in our household we tend to go the old fashioned route and pull out the games or cards much more frequently than anything else.

How about your household do you play and enjoy board games and cards, do you gather around the various video systems or take it outside for yard games and sports?
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