Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I can't say I had given the matter of ebook piracy a whole lot of thought other than knowing passing ebooks on was both wrong and illegal until an author on one of the yahoo groups posted about someone who was selling pirated copies of ebooks. So out of curiosity I did a google search on the subject and was shocked at what I found. The books are passed through torrents almost as frequently as music, game and video files, but I found numerous posts through out the web saying ebook piracy wasn't a big deal. I even found posts saying the authors should look at it as free publicity. Free publicity???? The music industry, gaming industry and the movie industry neither one views piracy as free publicity or as a minor inconvenience and both industries have gotten support to cut down on piracy and the persons caught are penalized (shut down, heavy fines and jail time). So I am wondering why so many view pirating ebooks as no big deal and from what I found there has not been anyone caught pirating ebooks that has really been punished for doing it.

Why do you think most view ebook piracy as a minor inconvenience at most and what is it going to take to make more view it as the crime that it is?

Also if anyone knows where I should send information on sites that have copy righted materials available please let me know as I ran across a few sites while doing this search. Thank You.
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