Friday, September 16, 2011

John Grisham's The Confession

The Confession: By John Grisham  (Received from BzzAgent for Review)

In 1998 Travis Boyette abducts, rapes and murders a high school cheerleader then buries the body so it will never be found.  Donte Drumm a local football star is convicted and sentenced to Death Row for the crime while Travis moves on to committ other crimes.  Nine years after the murder Travis is released from prison for a different crime and visits a church with Reverend Schroeder preaching.  After listening to a sermon given by Reverend Schroeder Travis pays a visit to the Reverend telling the Reverend he has an inoperable brain tumor that is terminal and then tells the Reverend about Donte who is on Death Row for a crime he didn't committ.  But Travis leaves from the first visit without actually confessing.  The rest of the story tells how the Reverend Schroeder works to get Travis to confess to try to save Donte and the trials of getting a legal system that has already convicted someone of a crime to listen in time to try to save Donte.

REVIEW: As with all John Grisham books that I have read this one is extremely well written and holds a readers attention from page one and is still offering surprises on the last page.  Grisham like many good writers uses his writting to give voice to his personal view points on the death penalty and what he sees as flaws in our legal system, causing a reader to think and question the status quo.  Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dramatic legal suspense stories. 

For Authors : Do you use your writing to promote view points and try to bring attention to things that you think need it or do you write completely seperate from your real life?

For Readers : Do you enjoy books that touch on subjects that can be debated or do you prefer reads that let you escape or both and why?

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